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The Postman pour Renault Z.E.

On Valentine's Day, Renault presents The Postman, an animated short produced by Publicis Conseil. This romantic comedy shows off the Kangoo Z.E. and one of the benefits of electric driving: silence.

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A Publicis Loft production

The Loft is a creative laboratory created by Publicis to meet brands’ ever-growing need to produce real-time content for social media. The system brings together creatives and independent specialists from various backgrounds: designers, editors, strategic planners, graphic designers, artistic directors ... I have the chance to integrate this new production model and intervene, in particular, on this project.

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A multi-field approach

The Loft’s co-creative director, Yves-Eric Deboey, first entrusted me with the design of the logo for the short film. I then worked with Raphaël Porcheron, the creative behind the project, on all the social assets that will support the movie’s release: visuals, stories, post and facebook cover…


New-York Festival
Bronze (Film Craft in Animation category)
Cristal Festival
Bronze (Automotive category)
Club des Directeurs Artistiques
Gold (Animation category)
Gold (Film Craft in Animation category)
Kinsale Shark
Silver (Animation category)


Executif creative director: Marcello Vergara
Creative directors: Mathieu Degryse / Yves-Eric Deboey
Copywriter: Raphaël Porcheron
Agency producers: Patrick Lara / Neil Tamzali / Melanie Hugues
Advertisinog managers: Giovanni Costa / Sara Rosenberg
Director: Akama
CGI animator: Wacyl Djender
Producer: Amanda Stubbs
Post-producer: Emilie Nicodex

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