Maztrone, all around graphic designer

My name’s Anthony Thiebaux, I am a graphic designer and art director based in Paris, France.

First, I cut my teeth as a typographic and branding specialist. My different experiences and my will to develop a very unique and identifiable style led me to broaden my skills to CGI, motion design, conception and matte painting…

My Parisian agents (Creative Syndicate, Wanda Production) have helped me extend my range of capabilities to strong expectations projects.

I was also successful as independent, in completing major collaborations with UEFA, Coca-Cola, Colette, Air Jordan, Fox, Veolia, Renault, Foot Locker…

I am currently considered as a significant visual actor, in France but also worldwide, as demonstrated by the many awards I received throughout my career: Clio Awards, Cannes Lions, Epica awards...

The work presented here is the expression of a vision built on a 15 years transversal graphic experimentation.

Thanks to my partners!

Agencies, small and large businesses, are making my journey so great.

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